Three-Wheeler with a difference

  Luckily, the Dhaka Tribune caught up with Firoz on Sunday evening, when he shared his mission and views about the auto-rickshaw.
Just visualise that you are boarding a CNG-run three-wheeler with a fan running over your head right from the moment you get into it. And, when you are alighting off it, an umbrella is ready there at your service; in case of rainfall outside. The list does not just stop there since the vehicle still offers you many other services such as the facility to recharge cell phone batteries. No wonder, you can even use lights, pens and papers, if needed. 

What if one wants to enjoy it all on the busy streets of Dhaka city while travelling by a motorised auto-rickshaw. Yes, it is quite possible for a passenger of the metropolis where traffic congestion is no better than a nightmare, thanks to Mostafa Firoz, who hits the city streets with an auto-rickshaw (Dhaka Metro Tha 14-2609) embodying all these features, for making the “comfort ride” a reality.
For the time being, he can be dubbed a pioneer to such a timely and praiseworthy move in the bustling city, ultimately helping many make their dream come true.
Luckily, the Dhaka Tribune caught up with Firoz on Sunday evening, when he shared his mission and views about the auto-rickshaw.
“I added all the features to my three-wheeler just aiming at comforting the passengers. I have been driving CNG-fuelled three-wheeler across the city for ten years now while the services I am providing currently are aged at least four years,” said Firoz with a smile on his face.
He, however, said it is difficult for him to arrange all these features together at times.“Then again, I try my very best to ensure that my passengers avail it all,” Firoz added, who claimed he was pepped up by private cars to bring in the initiative.
“If cars can have lights inside themselves, why not three-wheelers? I installed the fan so that the elderly people and children do not suffer in sweltering heat. This apart, I have several layers of paper wrapped on the roof of the three-wheeler to help passengers get rid of sunshine,” he further said.
Interestingly, Firoz does not charge any extra money from the passengers for his additional services.
“I do not take a single extra penny from passengers,” he added.
Pleased at his service, some passengers leave a tip for him after most rides, greatly helping balance the extra cost needed for the features.

  • Adnan Akib – Published at 01:47 AM April 24, 2017 – Last updated at 10:47 AM April 24, 2017

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