Sep 042015

Bangladesh’s female motorbike mechanics.

Women in a country like Bangladesh have to face many challenges to move forward. When women empowerment necessarily calls for women education, thousands of girls in our country are deprived of the basic literacy due to poverty. However, innovative solutions can bring a positive change in the society.
Bangladesh government, the European Union and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) have come up with a new initiative of training girls to be motorcycle mechanics to overcome educational disadvantages.
A video published in the Youtube shows how some groundbreaking Bangladeshi girls entered a line of work which was previously not a genuine option.
According to an article published in Global Citizen, the programme combines literacy and numeracy skills with practical training.
Khadija, one of the trainees, said: "When we first joined, people used to doubt if girls like us can do this, but the girls are proving that they are up to it. It is not just a school for girls; there are boys there too, and they are working together.
"We started working and slowly we became able to provide good service. When customers saw that we could service motorcycles as well as do other things, they stopped doubting us.”

This article was first published in the Global Citizen   

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