Ruling party blamed for Korail fire

Korail slum dwellers sit in despair after their houses were burnt to ashes last Sunday ABU HAYAT MAHMUD
The recent fire in Gulshan’s Korail slum was not an accident, the affected dwellers claim, alleging that it was a deliberate act perpetrated by the ruling party men to evict them.
The perpetrators allegedly include some “opportunistic leaders” of the ruling Awami League and its associate bodies for the devastating fire that razed over 500 shanties affecting around 1,000 families on December 4 – the second fire incident in nine months.
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The victims claim that the fire could be a fresh attempt to evict them from the land, referring to previous eviction attempts by different government agencies with the help of the ruling party supporters, as the government wants to establish an ICT village there,
Talking to the Dhaka Tribune, a community-based organisation (CBO) leader in the slum said that some of the culprits also have ties with with HM Ershad’s Jatiya Party and the BNP.

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