Le calvaire d’Hassina – jeune Rohingya
Hasina Begum is a survivor of the Tula Toli massacre, a mass-killing of Rohingya during a Myanmar Army led clearance operation at the village of Tula Toli (Min Gyi) in the Rakhine State, close to the border with Bangladesh. <br><br> She relates how the Myanmar soldiers held her and other village women at gunpoint while they executed the men and boys, doused the bodies with gasoline and made a bonfire of the corpses. *** Local Caption *** Minorite musulmane persecutee, religion, islam, persecution, apatride, nettoyage ethnique, portrait asia portrait human rights crime genocide refugees veiled women

Le calvaire d’Hassina – jeune Rohingya

Le calvaire d'Hassina jeune Rohingya La famille d’Hassina n’a jamais su lui expliquer pourquoi un tel sort était réservé aux Rohingya. Son grand-père, un modeste propriétaire terrien, se contentait de…

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