A special Victory Day

Congratulations to all Bangladeshis on our 45th Victory Day

We are set to celebrate our Victory Day today.
The question is: Is it the same, or is there a difference? The answer is the latter, because we have moved forward in 45 years, and especially since 2009, when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took over power for the second time as the country’s prime minister.
When I say this, many will quickly draw a conclusion, saying I will say so because I am a government official at the moment and always an “Awami journalist.”
I challenge them.
There are too many reasons to say this, and I celebrate this Victory Day with some triumph. In the West, the celebration would entail a champagne toast and sharing sweets with friends and family to pay homage to the freedom fighters, martyrs, and our great Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
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