Who are us ?

Boys and girls – teenagers, adolescents and young adults with very complicated stories.
We left the adventurous freedom of the streets and slums       to live in a home and find safety and education.
Leave the streets and slums is to lose a form of freedom – albeit fictitious – but so rewarding in our tribal life.

To live what? In a hierarchical structure, some binding enjoy the family environment that we have, for most of us ever known.
And like a real family keep watch on us adults.

They assure us care, security and live in harmony far from the hazardous street life.
And which one has been the most private. Affection.No one is forcing us to stay in the center; but few who return to the streets.
To live how? Under the protective wing of the supervisors, leaders, cooks, we are building a new future. Solidarity is concrete here. We, the larger and larger share knowledge with the sole ambition to take the whole group up.
In this special atmosphere in every way – some would say too – we share our time between the good performance of our home and various activities and trainings.
We are educated in institutions outside while enjoying many activities and technical training in the center.
When the time comes, highly trained in theoretical and in practice we will join companies, shops, workshops.
We will exercise our profession as accountants, technicians, nurses or short.

Where are we ?
Until 2012 the center was home Maer Achol girls and boys. In 2012, the association ‘partners faisaitl’acquisition an apartment in a new b
uilding in Dhaka to install boys. This new center ‘Shukhy Ghar’ was inaugurated in November 2012 in the presence of several personalities and regular patrons and donors’ partners.

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